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Fire Alarm Installation in Cheadle

Having the right fire alarm system for your home or commercial property is very important. As a result, LivEarth Electrical Services provide fire alarm installation tailored to each of our customers. Which fire alarm system you require depends on a few factors. They include the structure and purpose of the building and the current laws surrounding fire safety.

Being made aware of the fire quickly means you are twice as likely to survive a house fire. Additionally, our electricians pride themselves in providing fire alarm installation for clients in Cheadle and the surrounding areas.

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Our Electrical Services

Our fully qualified electricians can carry out a range of services for commercial and domestic properties in the Cheadle area. These include:

  • Fire Alarm Installation
  • Thermology Surveys
  • Control Panels
  • Wiring for Extension Projects
  • Alarm Installations
  • Earthing and Bonding Installations
  • Emergency Lighting Fault Finding
  • Commercial Electrical Installations
  • Periodic Inspection and Testing
  • Electrical Maintenance
  • Telephone Points
  • Exterior Electrical Work
  • CCTV
  • Switchgear Designs
  • Sockets
  • Plant Machinery Electrics
  • Electrical Inspections
  • Condition Reports
  • Electrical Testing
  • Full or Part House Rewire
  • Electric Shower Installation
  • Emergency Call Outs
  • Barn Conversions
  • New Builds & Extended Industrial Units
  • Intruder Alarm Installation
  • Extra Internet Points

Types of Fire Alarm

You may not be aware that there are different types of fire alarm available on the market. These can be categorised as either conventional, analogue addressable, addressable and wireless systems.

Conventional fire alarms are sometimes known as 4-wire alarm systems. Moreover, they are a cost-effective solution usually used in small commercial properties like restaurants and shops. They work by separating your property into detection zones. There are detectors and call points in every zone that have circuits linking to the control panel. Each alarm has fire protected cable connecting to it, enabling it to sound.

Analogue Addressable Fire Alarm Systems (otherwise known as Intelligent Fire Alarm Systems) are designed for larger commercial properties. Although, they tend to be more expensive and are much more complex. They give information on each individual detector. The initiating devices are also wired around the premises in single loops, so do not require as many cables. They constantly monitor air flow through the smoke detectors, making them less likely to set off a false alarm.

Addressable Fire Alarm Systems work in a similar way to conventional systems. However, they are slightly more advanced as they record exactly which call point detected the fire. The detection circuit is wired in a loop, and many devices can be connected to each loop. Furthermore, what makes them different to conventional systems is that they have an address built into them.

Wireless Fire Alarm Systems are reliable, fast to install and do not require any complicated wiring systems to work. They work by sending a radio signal from the call points to the fire alarm control panel, causing the fire alarm to sound. The installation process also causes no damage to the walls, meaning you save money on labour and decorating costs.

Commercial Fire Alarms

Commercial and business properties are legally required to have a fire detection system in place at all times. This does not mean that you need a fire alarm if your premises are small, single storey or you do not store chemicals onsite. Although, if there are regularly young, disabled or elderly occupants within your premises, then a fire alarm is essential for your property. If you are not sure, you should have a Fire Risk Assessment carried out. This will determine the level of fire detection systems that need to be put in place. Furthermore, it is important that you test your fire alarm weekly, to identify any issues with it. As a result, you will be immediately informed by the alarm in the case of a fire.

We are fully qualified to provide fire alarm system maintenance, of which we can carry out on a weekly, monthly or yearly basis. It involves a thorough test of the battery, wiring and alarm sounder to ensure they are all functioning as they should.

About Cheadle

Located in Staffordshire, the town of Cheadle has an estimated population of around 12,000 people. Civilisation here can be traced back to the Anglo-Saon period and it is featured in the Domesday Book.

If you are visiting, then there are plenty of places worth visiting. There is St Giles’ Catholic Church, Hawksmoor, and popular Alton Towers. Moreover, all of our services are available across this area, ensuring you are never left without support.

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