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Domestic Electrical Testing in Buxton

Ensuring that your electrics are in full working order keeps everyone near them safe. At LivEarth Electrical Services we provide a wide variety of services including electrical testing, rewiring, inspections, and installation of lighting. These are available for anybody, regardless of whether their electrical needs are domestic, commercial or agricultural. Furthermore, our rapid response time makes us an ideal choice for you. With a 24 hour call out service, you can be sure that your needs will always be met any time of the day.

All estimates are in writing and the team work closely with their clients to provide the service they require. We are efficient and tidy up any rubbish or mess as a result of any electrical works. We work with fixed and portable electric appliances to make sure that you or your business is safe no matter where you are.

About Us

We are a well-established provider of commercial, domestic, and agricultural electrical work across the Buxton area. Our team have years of experience and are fully trained in the electrical industry. As a company, we are NICEIC accredited, Part P Domestic Installers and Trustmark approved.

Additionally, we are proud of our rapid response times and emergency call-out service. Our aim is to make sure that you always have access to the electrical services you need.

Our Services

We provide a range of electrical services for those who need them in the Buxton area. These include:

  • House rewiring
  • Fault finding and fixing
  • Periodic inspections
  • Condition reports
  • Upgrading installations
  • Earthing and bonding upgrading/installation
  • Electric shower installation
  • Fire alarm installation
  • Telephone points
  • CCTV
  • Intruder alarms
  • Electrical testing
  • Thermology surveys
  • Productivity and reliability improvement
  • Switchgear design
  • Control panels
  • Plant electrics
  • Machinery electrics
  • PAT testing
  • Extra Internet Points

If you cannot see a service listed above that you need, please get in contact with us as our electricians are trained to carry out a number of requirements. You can call today on 01538 750060 or 01538 307005.

The Importance of Electrical Testing

Electrical testing helps to maintain the safety of those around devices that use electricity as a source of power. The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) estimates that around 1,000 accidents are reported every year as a result of electrical appliances.

Every home or business relies on hundreds of metres of fixed electrical wiring to power several items. Rather than risking temporary closure to your business or serious failures in your home, it gives you a chance to stay on top of your electrics. If electric shocks occur, then they can result in injury or death. Helping to protect your workers or family should be top of the list. With regular electrical maintenance, this can be achieved.

There are different types of electrical testing that can be carried out. These include PAT (Portable Appliance Testing), Flash testing, and earth bond testing. The process of PATs includes a visual check of the item. Flash testing is mainly for higher voltage products and can also be known as a hipot (high potential) or dielectic withstanding voltage (DWV) test. Earth bond testing typically measures the earth and the conductive parts of a product to ensure that there is a sufficient electrical connection. Without one, there is a chance that electrocution could happen to those working with the product.

Should I Get My House Re-wired?

If you have an old property or cannot remember the last time a re-wire took place, it may be time to contact an electrician. Maintaining healthy electrical wiring in your home keeps those within it safe. Although it may seem like an inconvenience, the safety of yourself and those around you is of the utmost importance. If there are any problems with your electrics, it could result in house fires, electric shocks, burns, or worse.

A house that hasn’t been rewired for between 25 and 30 years will most likely need re-wiring. You can look out for some obvious signs of damage to help you know when re-wiring needs to be undertaken. Also, if you have out-of-date plug sockets, breakers that trip, old cable colours, or flickering lights, then there is probably a problem with your wiring.

Wiring jobs do not have to carried out on old properties. They can also be completed on new builds and extensions. The process of a re-wire typically includes the fitting of new cabling under the floor and within the walls of a property. Access to all switches and sockets is required, which is why renovations are an ideal time to undertake this type of task.

Domestic Electrical Testing in Buxton

The spa town of Buxton has a population of around 22,000 and is famous for its geothermal spring. There are plenty of things to do in the area including a trip to 2-million-year-old Poole’s Cavern, Buxton Museum and Art Gallery, or The Pavilion Gardens. Our team of expertly trained electricians are available across the Buxton area to provide services to commercial, domestic, and agricultural clients.

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If you require any further details or would like to know more about our services, please do not hesitate to get in touch. You can call our team on 01538 750060 or 01538 307005. Alternatively, you can also fill in our contact form and we will be back in touch.

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